From Just £15

Old Pic Fix is a fantastic service where you can get your old torn, ripped, creased, water damaged or faded black and white photographs digitally renovated.

Starting from £15 there are 3 levels of renovation to choose from:

Level 1
From Just £15 you can get Fade Correction, Tonal Balance, add or remove Sepia, General Tidy Up

Level 2
From £30 you can have Removal of Creases and folds, small,l tear repair Removal of Simple Stains and Pen Marks

Level 3
From £50 you can have Large Tears repaired, Remove extensive creasing and deep folds, Remove Extensive Pen Marks, Repair multiple tears missing sections, replace background and recolour.

What To Do Next?
Click on the Scan Tab where you will find instructions on how to get a copy of your precious photograph to restored.