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Old Pic Fix is the sister site to www.robperrettphotography.co.uk As suggested by the title Old Pic Fix does exactly what is said, it digitally repairs and restores old photographs in order to preserve precious memories and images from days far gone by.

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www.robperrettphotography.co.uk is a site dedicated to the exploration of photography as an artistic medium just as if it were oil paint or water colour.

The world is full of inspiring people, places, objects, nature and as I capture these inspirations in pictures, each individual shot becomes an education as I explore it's every detail, which does nothing more than to encourage me to repeat the whole process over and over again. I always enjoy a relaxed, thoughtful and creative approach to my photography. My aim in whatever I photograph is to tell the story, find the drama in it and portray it through the image.

My background is in performing arts, teaching and film making.

When I left school at 16 I worked alongside a photographer and learned all my basic technical skills. I however got seduced by the performing arts and put photographic career on hold.

I started my professional acting career at 18 touring the United Kingdom in Pantomimes and Theatre In Education all of which has given me opportunities to do many different things including, Film Making, Teaching, owning and running a Stage School and developing my career as a specialist drama coach delivering drama across the South West to both mainstream students and students with Learning Disabilities.

As my career developed there were less opportunities and time to act, I did however have the lead in a Short Film called "Fade Out" that won the 2002 JVC award for best drama.

I no longer teach or perform."

In August 2013 I set up Rob Perrett Photography to sell myself as a Commercial Photographer. The bulk of my work is produced for a local Social Enterprise Company producing short films and corporate photographs for use in Social Services and NHS. in addition to this I also produced re-touched CD insert Artworks for Discovery Records.

I have also developed a specialism in Archaeological Photography for the commercial sector which has given me several commissions and published photographs. I work closely with specialist clients to produce exactly the images required for field work to record progress and the outcomes of a dig. I also photograph finds large or small for reference or with a creative highly detailed approach for publication.